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Coaching Presence

We are constantly noticing and trusting our own intuition, our inner knowing or our gut. Our interpretation of intuitive moments may not always be correct for the client, but we don’t ignore it.

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Ethics 101 – Beware of Scams

Recently several CCNI members have received emails from a person looking for coaching for some of his relatives. Note, this does not mean that CCNI’s database has been breached. It means that some people will and do abuse our coaching directory—and that of other such directories across the Internet—for deceptive purposes. We always want to be a help to those in need, yet we also need to be aware of predators who are looking for ways to compromise our data integrity. It’s not just coaches. Photographers, web designers and even gardeners get such emails too. Recently I’ve talked to...

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Tell a Story

In the 1950s polio was the dreaded diagnosis. One Sunday morning back then, Palmer,  my ten-year-old brother, woke up complaining of “a headache or a neck ache, I can’t tell.” Before the day ended, he was diagnosed with polio. Between the rural hospital where he was diagnosed and the polio hospital in Boise, Idaho, he asked Mother, “Will I be a cripple all my life?” “Palmer,” she answered. “I don’t know. We will do the best we can and trust God for the rest.” And they did. Her answer, reflective of the way my parents did life, comforted him...

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Direct Communication: Powerful and Unnaturally Natural

Early in my coach training, a mentor told me that the coaching conversation is not a “natural” conversation. She said this when I pushed back on a suggestion that she was making to help me improve my coaching. My pushback was that it (whatever she was suggesting) ‘didn’t feel natural.’ Through research, I learned that she was right…mostly. In fact, her suggestion was one of the most natural coaching “rules” or “techniques” to which master coaches overwhelmingly adhere. To this day, I don’t wholeheartedly embrace the technique, but I understand why it’s used. In real-world conversations, the technique is...

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4 Powerful Truths About Establishing Trust

One of the most essential elements of effective coaching is creating an environment of trust between the coach and the client.  Trust empowers a client to explore deep and perhaps difficult issues in their lives and to share them without fear of being judged. This is the foundation for self-discovery, new insights and actions that achieve desired outcomes. Trust goes both ways. The coach also has to trust the client to speak the truth, and believe in the client’s capability and resourcefulness to design their path forward and to make good choices. Without mutual trust, a healthy relationship cannot...

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