Rich Weigel, Ed.D, MS, MM

Rich Weigel, Ed.D, MS, MM

President 2020

Rich Weigel, Ed.D, MS, MM, has 4 university degrees, and is a national trainer for Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), Influencer, and Crucial Conversations. He has served as a member or officer for several educational organizations and has also helped with a number of state-sponsored committees for education. He has post-doctoral credits from a few colleges and universities in the areas of business, education, and leadership.


Jenny Karr, CPLC

Jenny Karr, CPLC

President 2019

Jenny Karr, CPLC, has been an active member of CCNI since 2015. Her coaching journey began on the heels of ministry work in Vietnam that led her to become a fundraising coach at Tailored Fundraising where she could encourage missionaries and nonprofit leaders in building biblical partnerships for sustainable funding. Quickly realizing her need for training specific to coaching skills, she completed her coaching certification through Professional Christian Coaching Institute and utilizes her coaching skills nearly every day. 

With a passion to train, equip, and support people in ministry, she has worked with hundreds of Christian missionaries and leaders on healthy and effective ways of building a partnership team and is blessed to be a part of supporting Christian coaches around the world through CCNI.

She joined the CCNI board in 2017 as Director of Strategy and moved into the Presidency in 2019. Her skills of organization, communication, team building, and leadership helped CCNI build a strong team and clear systems for growth in the organization and a deeper investment in the members at CCNI.


In her personal life you’ll find Jenny enjoying quality time, good food, and movies with her husband and teenage daughter in their home of Nashville, TN.


Kelly E. McClelland, CCMC, CJSS

President 2017

Rev. Kelly E. McClelland, CCMC, CJSS Kelly has been an active member of CCN and CCNI since early 2011 following completion of his first 60 hours of coach training. Monthly prayer team sessions provided an opportunity to get to know fellow coaches that shared his interest in the integration of our faith in our coaching practice. As a pastor friend once said, “Participation turns a spectator into a participator.” I have been able to expand my network, meet coach trainers, leaders and learn more about my coaching profession with their help. This is my tribe and I look forward to meeting more Christian coaches and those that use a coach approach in their business, life and ministry. As an officer and CCNI board member Kelly was the resident geek and helped with several webinars and website development.

Kelly is a graduate of Purdue University, Rhema Bible College, and a graduate and post-graduate student of Inter Cultural Studies and Missiology at Biola and Asia Pacific Theological Seminary. He and his wife have been in missions ministry since 1988. As founder of Transition Time Coach, LLC he continues to coach with a primary focus on ministers, missionaries and staff of Christian organizations. His hobby of 50+ years is amateur radio and his call sign is K4UPG and he still uses morse code!

Michael J. Marx, MBA, EdD, PCC, CPCC

President 2015

Michael J. Marx, MBA, EdD, PCC, CPCC.  Michael is an ICF Professional Certified Coach specializing in business coaching and corporate consultation. Dr. Marx currently serves as the leader of the ICF ‘Global Community of Practice on Ethics.’ He also serves on the ICF Independent Review Board and the Code Review Team. Additionally, he is a past-president of Christian Coaches Network International (2015-2016) and the author of Ethics and Risk Management for Christian Coaches (2016). Learn more about Michael at

As CCNIs first appointed President, Michael brought a fresh, global perspective to CCNI. He was instrumental in the shaping of Christian coaching distinctions and in the crafting of CCNIs Article of Incorporation, and its Bylaws. He extended his expertise in ethics to strengthen CCNIs ethical standards and review processes. He launched the first Christian mentor coach registry and led the first in-person CCNI Board strategy session.

His landmark accomplishments include the launching of CCNI’s Point of Need initiative which provides coaching for indigent clients. In January 2017 Michael became the past president and assumed chairmanship of the nominating committee. In January 2018, he became the Director of Strategic Alliances where he continues to serve CCNIs global and strategic interests.

Marcie Thomas, BCC

Past President and Executive Director, 2012-2014 & Executive Director Jan- Sep 2015

Marcie Thomas, BCC. Marcie Thomas served as president and executive director of CCN from 2012 to 2014.  She MarcieThomasPhotocurrently holds an active Board Certified Coach (CCE) credential. Under her tenure and leadership at CCN, a clear vision for the potential of this organization emerged.

In 2014 she positioned CCN to become the leading credentialing agency in the field of professional Christian coaching. Her desire to legitimize distinctly Christian coaching led to the crafting of several keystone identifiers; an official definition for Christian coaching and its distinctions from its secular counter-part, a set of Christian coaching skills and competencies which helped to standardize coach certification criteria, and standards for Christian coach training programs.

Intent on positioning CCN as the premier Christian coaching association, she established a founding board and helped to establish its bylaws and articles of incorporation as a Missouri non-profit corporation December 2014. In June 2015 CCNI received 501(c)3 status retroactive to December 2014. Marcie assumed the role of Executive Director until September 2015.

On a practical level, during her tenure, membership grew by 55% and CCNI’s footprint reached into 14 countries.  She expanded services and created value-added opportunities for members. She also delivered CCNI’s first Mega eSummit featuring pioneers and industry leaders in the field.

Marcie’s dedication and commitment to the distinction and growth of Christian coaching as a viable discipline and her commitment to the success of Christian coaches helped create a solid foundation from which CCNI has continued to grow.

Gary Wood, CMCC, PCC, BCC

President & Executive Director CCN 2010-2012

GaryWoodPhotoGary Wood, CMCC, PCC, BCC. Executive Coach Gary Wood served as CCN President and Executive Director from 2010 to 2012. Gary holds credentials as a Certified Master Christian Coach (CCNI), a Professional Certified Coach (ICF), and Board Certified Coach (CCE). Through his executive coaching and leadership performance firm, G.E. Wood & Associates, Gary provides strategy coaching and think-tank partnership for an international clientele of executives and leaders.

During his time as President and Executive Director, Gary identified the technologies and trends that would strengthen CCNs position and credibility in the marketplace. He spearheaded the design and implementation of a new logo and website giving CCN a competitive online presence. He integrated a robust membership management system which improved administrative cost-effectiveness and increased membership accessibility and engagement. He strengthened communications platforms, launching CCN’s first member blog and redesigned its online newsletter.

He embraced the potential for member engagement in social media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. He was also responsible for launching new member services designed to help coaches find clarity and direction in their coaching businesses.

Gary’s technological foresight and member engagement strategies helped position CCN for its next phase of growth. But what is most remembered by member coaches will not be all the “behind-the-scenes” leadership, but his willingness to make himself available to them through countless hours of mastermind groups and teaching forums where he gladly imparted his wisdom, best practices, strategies, and encouragement to the next generation of coaches.

Judy Santos, MCC, CMCC

Founder and First President 1998-2010

Judy Santos, MCC, CMCC. Judy Santos was the founder, President & Executive Director of Christian Coaches Network (to later become Christian Coaches Network International) for its first 12 years and a pioneer in the training of professional coaches through Coach University and the Christian Track at the Institute for Life Coach Training. She also mentored coaches privately for many years.

Judy held the distinguished title of Certified Master Christian Coach (CCN) and Master Certified Coach (ICF). With high professional standards as a priority, her personal mission for the organization was:

  • To blaze the trail, introducing and supporting professional coaching as a credible and valuable pathway to support believers in attaining and fulfilling God’s calling in challenging times.
  • To be both conduit and catalyst between Christians in search of a coach, and Christian coaches who want to work with believers.
  • To provide choices from within the coaching community, for Christians in all walks of life who want to become more, using their God given potential, gifts and skills more effectively and find more peace and joy in life.
  • To provide support, information, enrichment, connection and professional advancement to all members of CCN.

Through Christian Coaches Network, Judy established a high standard for skills and competency in the profession through a three-tiered credentialing system and a clear statement of faith for those holding themselves out as distinctly Christian coaches.