Who Is Christian Coaches Network International?

Christian Coaches Network International is the leading credentialing agency in the field of professional Christian coaching. We exist to empower, equip, and connect Christian coaches and people interested in becoming a Christian Coach. Our mission is to provide education, community, and resources to Christian Coaches worldwide.   Since 1998, CCNI has advocated and promoted the highest standards of excellence and ethics in professional practice. As such, CCNI recognizes and promotes faith-based coach training programs built on the solid concepts of this emerging discipline. CCNI credentials coaches who meet the rigor of professionalism and honor the role of faith in their professional practice. CCNI also helps individual coaches stay connected to the information they need to succeed in their profession and their business.

What Is Christian Coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”  (International Coaching Federation)

Christian coaching is a professional relationship focused on empowering a person or group to effect change, create new awareness, move into action, and step into abundant Christian life in business and in personal areas.

Christian coaching is an approach to the practice of professional coaching, whether focused on personal or professional growth, which integrates the biblical worldview when working with clients to recognize their potential and effect personal change. The biblical worldview is given priority over existing theories of human nature, motivation, personal change, growth and development, and frames the perspectives by which coaching is offered.

As Christian Coaches, we shift from a humanistic philosophy to one based on God’s presence dwelling in us and through us.

The centerpiece of Christian coaching is the client’s awareness of where God is leading him or her. Therefore, the expression of faith can at times be as important as the skill of coaching itself. With this perspective in mind, we support the following definitions for Christian Coaching:

A Christian coach employs the skills of professional coaching to enable clients to effect change, create new awareness, and move into action, while keeping in mind the bigger picture of humanity as taught by a biblical worldview.

Since clientele vary in their walks of life and perspectives on faith, the coach chooses frameworks that best suit the client’s agenda. The biblical perspective remains the lens from which the coach views the client, but the integration of that perspective is sensitively adapted to the individuality of the client.

The primary distinction in Christian coaching is based in the precept that God seeks active involvement in the lives of humans.  Christian coaching enables the coach to:

  • invite the Holy Spirit into the conversation in a three way partnership;
  • ask the Holy Spirit to guide the coaching conversation;
  • directly ask questions pertaining to the integration of faith;
  • encourage the client to consider God’s will and plan;
  • allow the expression of the client’s faith to grow;
  • challenge the client to view life from a biblical perspective;
  • create awareness, design  actions, and formulate  solutions using scriptural references; and,
  • encourage the client’s transformation into the image of Christ.

Click here to read a detailed description of Christian Coaching distinctions.

How CCNI Supports Christian Coaches

Christian Coaches Network International welcomes Bible believing coaches who profess the Lordship of Jesus Christ and aspire to live according to His teachings. As a group, we aim to focus on shared beliefs and values, while supporting one another in professional association.

Click the links to view CCNI’s What We Believe Statement  , CCNI Christian Coaching Competencies, and our CCNI Ethics Policy. The statements in these documents are the foundation upon which the senior leadership of Christian Coaches Network International stands.

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