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Grow as a Christian Coach and Find the Right Clients

With the support of CCNI –
all of your coaching Aspirations will happen.


Do you struggle with:

  • Feeling like you’re failing
  • Finding Coaching Clients
  • Lack of Coaching Confidence
  • Losing Money
  • Framing Your Coaching Business
  • Authenticity In Christian Coaching
  • A Strong Business Plan
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Creating A Successful Vision
  • Keeping “Christian” in Your Business
  • Become A Credentialed Coach
  • Grow Your Coaching Base
  • Keep Christ in the Forefront of Your Business

It’s important for you to be a Christian credentialed coach. That Christian credential tells your client you are well trained as a Christian Coach, and you will serve them to your fullest potential. Your CCNI credential is a sign to others on who you are, the skills you have, and what you can do for them.

You can’t become the Christian Coach you want to be without clients. CCNI offers webinars, blog articles, events, resources and a variety of Summits that will give you the tools you’ve been looking for in order to find and grow the clients you want.

Going it alone was never God’s design. Through CCNI you will connect with other Christian Coaches and find the support, team, and base you need to find the success you’ve been looking for. We pray with and for you. We work together to put Christ in all areas of our life and coaching.

We care about you and your coaching practice

CCNI is the largest International Christian Coaching Support Network. When you engage with us, you will find successes in your coaching because we care about you and know what you need to take your coaching prowess and business to the next level. We have been helping Christian Coaches since 1998 and hundreds of our members are now realizing their dream of coaching to make a difference in this world and for their lives. Isn’t it time you joined us?

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