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Endorsements from CCNI Members

Gary Wood, PCC, CPCC
G. E. Wood & Associates

"I was just reflecting on my coaching and I thought you might like to hear this. I started coaching 9 years ago at the age of 60. It has been a perfect fit for me. At the time I thought this would be a great job to continue well into retirement and provide help to others, and fulfillment and income for me – much better than working at the local hardware store. I thought I might cut back and work with 1 or 2 clients by now. Well, because of the coaching I am now writing a book based on my coaching and I am writing it as a part of my legacy.

I have tried cutting back on clients so I am not swamped. Instead, without trying on my part, the Lord keeps sending me more clients which has been very fulfilling and encouraging and I am not swamped. I see each client session as a God-ordained opportunity and many are not believers (or not yet!). I hope to cut back on my schedule when my book is completed but we’ll see where the Lord leads with his opportunities for future “retirement” – maybe at 80? During these 9 years I have been a member of CCN and posted my profile along with hundreds and hundreds of well qualified other coaches.

I didn’t think I stood a chance of it paying off for me. Instead I have received thousands of dollars worth of client work from that posting not to mention all the great input, resources, connections and encouragement CCN membership has brought to me.

Thank you for your leadership and vision (and Gary before you and Judy before him). You have all been a gift to me in many ways. Grace to you and blessings."

Tim Olson
Author of the forth-coming book,
The Family Owned Business: Who’s
Really In Charge?

"Every CCN event I've attended has been top quality and directly, immediately relevant to my coaching business. The Mastermind with Gary Wood was especially valuable. His challenging questions and advice, along with input from the group, helped  me see my issue in a much bigger context and gave me clarity on  how to move forward wisely. And all this is free to CCN members. Amazing!"

Carol Corley
Corley Coaching

“Sure appreciate all you're doing to make CCN such a powerful and helpful organization.”

Eldon Watts, ACC 
Treasurer, MD ICF Chapter

"The Mastermind group w/ Gary is a valuable resource and I am grateful that he volunteers his time and expertise. A true blessing. Love picking his brain and I always learn by listening to him.  Coaching is “caught” and I for one am grateful anytime I can learn from a master coach. Especially the ones who know the Master."

Martha Hedge

"Good work! You've got some high quality information flowing that is accessible."

Cheryl Scanlan
President, Way of Life Coaching

"Since 1998, Christian Coaches Network has been the worldwide voice for distinctly Christian coaching. I proudly endorse their high standards of professional skill and 
clear integration of our common faith into practice."

Christopher McCluskey, PCC, CMCC
President, Professional Christian Coaching Institute

"I really love all that you folks are doing and I am looking forward to a time when I have more control over my calendar - I am currently a full-time active duty Navy Chaplain, 
so that I can participate in these events more often." 

Tim May
The Hope Recovery Coach

"As a new member I wanted to say I really do appreciate the training and support information I'm receiving from CCN."

Beth York, BCC, CCLC
Life Strategy Coach

Endorsement: Here’s a ringing endorsement for our first Work in Progress call. 

"The Incubator call was a resounding success! Thank you for spearheading this new creative connection for us.  Wow! I signed off CCN’s first Incubator conference call with a plethora of ideas that could expand and enhance the impact of my new project. Though we were only a handful of voices, the questions, insight and collaboration served as a powerhouse of inspiration.  And to think I was hesitant to share my concept with the group.  The call opened with an invitation to creativity. One coach suggested a website of a connector who networked with generosity and graciousness. Another offered to share contact information for his web developer, who is also developing an online journal similar to the one in my new project. Another coach spoke of vision boards and treasure mapping along with the suggestion of a relevant book. I could hardly scribble notes fast enough.”  

Julie Voorhees

Endorsement: For the coaching mastermind/peer group. 

"It feels like the buddy coaching I did during my initial training, only more weighty! I am one of the four in CCN’s new Coaching Skills Group.  We are meeting twice a month to “practice” coaching on each other.  Only it’s real coaching, and it’s real good--a coach, a “client”, and two observers--two women and two men.  I thought the coaching differences would split along the male / female, thinking / feeling divide, but it hasn’t worked out that way.  Instead I find it quite balanced.  I like being coached by a professional.  It’s free and well worth the time. I highly recommend it." 

Sam Kendrick

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