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Seeking Professional Credentials?

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to take your achievements to the next level, CCNI offers professional credentialing to those who wish to stand out from the crowd and designate themselves as a credentialed Christian coach.

Why Invest in Earning a Credential?

Here are four reasons to earn your credential:

  • It shows prospective clients your commitment to professional excellence.
  • It opens doors in Christian markets.
  • It expands your influence with other proven professionals.
  • It enhances your ability to obtain clients.

How is Credentialing Different from Certification?

Credentials demonstrate you have met the standards of competency for the industry as a whole as compared to distinct requirements of your training school which vary greatly. Here is a quick summary of nuances between credentialing and certification:

Certification is defined as the process of providing a certificate to show completion of your studies in a certain subject. A certificate enhances your professional expertise in the proficiencies outlined by your school.

  • It prepares you for a certain level of skill proficiency as defined by the school/program.
  • It measures your skill development against school/program standards.
  • It shows that you have satisfactorily met the requirements of your school/program.

Credentials confirm you have met the standards of competency for the industry. A credential is sometimes called a certification which can create some confusion.  One key difference is that the credential is awarded through an objective third party other than a specific training school.

  • It is a voluntary process of validating knowledge, skills, and abilities beyond the scope of your coaching school.
  • It uses standardized requirements for coaching skills proficiency.
  • It measures your skill development against the industry standard.
  • They are nationally recognized because they are awarded by a 3rd-party, unbiased organization.

Why CCNI Credentialing?

With a CCNI credential, the public is assured that you have mastered basic coaching skills and qualifications for industry-standard Christian coaching.

  • Offers the only Christian coaching credential in the industry.
  • Expects rigorous accountability to ethical standards of practice.
  • Uses core coaching skills as established by the ICF.
  • Demonstrates true coaching experience (real clients not just scenarios or role plays).
  • Confirms you have received qualified mentor coaching from an instructor who has obtained professional credentials.
  • Requires professional references from peers in the coaching industry.

How Will Credentialing Help Me?

How is a CCNI Credential Different than ICF, IAC, or CCE Credentials?

Our alignment with industry standards is congruent. Where we differ is our focus on how faith integrates with coaching. No other coach credentialing organization addresses issues of faith and its influence in the coaching practice.

  • As Christians our ethical conduct is measured by an additional standard.
  • As Christians we are duty-bound to live the tenets of our faith.
  • As Christians we have the highest respect for all people.


For more information or to apply click here.


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